How It Works


Getting Started

Call and talk to one of our Credit Repair experts today.
Consultations are always FREE! We will pull your credit report
while you’re right on the phone with us and give you honest
answers how we can help. We look at your reports the same way
lenders do; finding the fastest way to get you to the scores you need.


Review and Set Up

We then simply email you the documents for your review and
with a simple click of approval your automatically in our system
and ready for your work to be done. The entire consultation plus
paper work can be done in under 30 minutes.


We Will Do the Rest

We then interface directly with the 3 major credit bureau’s or in
some cases the creditor’s themselves using our years of experience to
facilitate the removal of those pesky negatives. This process can
take as fast as 3 business days from the day you approve us to get started.
Best yet there are no charges to you until all our work is fully preformed.

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