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Why entrust your Credit Repair with Credit Guard?

A Decade of Experience and Results
Since inception Credit Guard has enrolled over 10,000 clients and generated nearly $15 million in Credit Repair revenues. Credit Guard is licensed, registered, bonded and is an Accredit Member of the Better Business Bureau currently holding an A+ rating. No one in the industry generates as much Credit Repair revenues as Credit Guard while maintaining a 99.95% client satisfaction rate.

With over 50 years of direct credit repair experience in its management team Credit Guard clients receive the most comprehensive credit repair available under the law. We have deleted over 50,000 negative entries off our client’s credit reports to date and that list keeps growing every day.

Our Pricing
Our prices are the simplest and most straightforward in the industry. We perform all the work in its entirety then we charge a onetime fee, it’s that simple. Our goal is to get you the results as fast as possible. Unlike those monthly payment programs, the other companies advertise. Their goal is to do a little at a time to keep you paying for 18 to 24 months racking up thousands in fee’s.
Credit Guard’s per person rate is one of the lowest in the industry, ask your representative how you can pay as low as $450 per person!!!

Customer Service
Unlike those web based credit repair companies we don’t hide behind our computers. Credit Guard’s Customer Service Department is the best in the Credit Repair Industry and something we take pride in. Our client’s calls are taken live every day by a representative ready to answer your questions and resolve them quickly.

Credit Repair for Life
Credit Guard is the only company in the industry that once you have enrolled and paid us one time. We will mail you a certificate that entitles you to FREE CREDIT REPAIR FOR LIFE with our company! You can use your Lifetime Certificate to fix any future credit issues as many times as you need.
No other company out their does this and none of the monthly payment type companies are even capable of offing you this incredible benefit. This feature alone makes us by far the best choice in the country for Credit Repair.

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